Raoul Collings Executive transfers with Integrity and discretion


With the advent of a number of taxi apps now available on smart phones, the New Zealand taxi industry is now in a state of flux. With some 2000 odd taxi’s contained within 40 odd taxi companies serving Auckland today, together with Uber drivers supplementing the industry it’s inevitable with those numbers that security, vehicle road worthiness and adherence to the laws of the country will come under scrutiny.

Some owner/operators have decided to leave the taxi industry and leave the maelstrom behind and instead concentrate on providing their regular and new clientele with more than just a taxi ride, but superior service with a superior vehicle. One of those making that transition is Raoul Collings, a former Corporate Cab driver/owner.

Raoul sold his Corporate Cab business in July 2016 and decided that he could do a lot better than what the current taxi market was offering. To be fair a number of others have also transited from the same situation. Raoul was concerned that Service and Standards were going out the back door and that sooner or later something would give.

Having made the shift Raoul is determined that his offering will provide the very best in customer service, from opening and closing the passenger door, to providing a clean and gleaming vehicle to travel in with the morning newspaper available on board.

Retirement was looming in Raoul’s sights but it simply did not appeal. It’s not that Raoul can’t afford to retire. He’s the former head of a finance company and former New Zealand Manager of a large wholesale mortgage securitizer and is of the opinion that if he chose to stop work tomorrow he could. He has chosen not too, simply because he can’t imagine ever retiring. He needs the people contact and the thought that doing something that is meaningful and purposeful really appeals.

He moved into the taxi business after resigning his role as CEO of a finance company and then took a long hard look at what he wanted to do. He wasn’t ready to be put out to pasture!

A friend who was the Operations Manager of Auckland’s largest taxi fleet at the time, suggested driving for a living. The thought of driving appealed to him, as it maintained the people contact so he bought an existing business that contracted to Corporate Cabs Ltd, a well-known and trusted brand in the taxi industry and started anew. His love of driving also shaped his mind that this was the route he wanted to take.

With the advent of Uber and other such Apps in later years, Raoul felt that it was perhaps time to exit the taxi industry and start business for himself. He had built up a rapport with his not inconsiderable client base over the previous years and had listened to his customers and their thoughts and what they expected from him. He felt that he needed to offer something different that aligned his customer’s expectations with his own ideas of the future. One thing that he had learnt was that no two clients were ever the same.

He sought and gained NZTA approval to transit from taxi driving to private driving. He already had the relevant and expected accreditation from the New Zealand Transport Agency such as his Passenger endorsement, NZ police vetting and other qualifications.

He purchased a Lexus LS 460 which provided the luxury his clients expected and then got the vehicle certified to Certificate of Fitness standard to ensure the vehicle was appropriately and legally certified to carry passengers.

With Raoul you can expect a first class service that transits from the airport meet and greet to ensuring that you are comfortably settled in the Lexus with all bags stored and in place! Your ride to your destination will be safe, secure and at the speed limit!

The Lexus LS 460 has a fold down console in the rear seat space that allows you to determine your personalised air conditioning in the cabin, your radio station preference and volume, together with heat/air conditioned individual rear seating controls as well. A selection of reading magazines together with the morning newspaper are available in the rear seat pockets.

The Mark Levinson 19 speaker surround sound system is a joy to listen too, or alternatively you may wish to simply close your eyes for a few minutes behind the private rear window sun-blinds, with blind control accessibility also available from the rear console. Whatever your mood, we will provide the tools to enhance your experience.